Support Policy

Before reaching out to our support team, we encourage you to consult our documentation (https://docs.saasbold.com), including FAQs mentioned under pricing tables. Many common queries and technical questions are already addressed there, saving you time and providing quick solutions.

    What's Included in Support:

      • Technical Questions: Have a technical question or encountering an issue? Reach out to us, and we'll provide guidance and solutions. (Note: If something is not working as shown on the demo, we're committed to support you unless you can figure it out.)
      • Bug Fixes: If you encounter any bugs while using SaaSBold, we'll promptly address them to ensure smooth functionality.
      • Regular Updates: We ensure that SaaSBold stays compatible with evolving technologies and address any security vulnerabilities through timely updates.

    What's Not Included in Support:

      • Customization: Customizing SaaSBold to specific needs or preferences isn't covered under our support policy.
      • Installation: While we provide step-by-step detailed guidance on installation within documentation, direct assistance with installation is not included.
      • Hosting or Server Environment: Issues related to your hosting or server environment are beyond our support scope.
      • Third-Party Integrations: Support for integrating third-party plugins or software is not provided.
      • Training: We do not offer training sessions on how to use SaaSBold.
      • User Error or Unauthorized Modifications: Troubleshooting issues resulting from user error or unauthorized modifications are not covered under our support policy.